Two Old Dears

Two Old Dears by Edward Evans

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Clive White, the Mail newspaper’s investigative reporter receives a call from a police contact following the arrest of two elderly ladies for suspected armed robbery. What reporter could resist following that up!

Out of the blue, a D-notice is slapped on his attempts to secure more information and the police are advised to drop the case. Why? What reason was there for MI5 to spike the story and stop any investigation?

Clive’s subsequent enquiries reveal that the two old dears are extremely wealthy in their own right. Their hidden talents – one being a kleptomaniac and the other a nymphomaniac – are put to good use in their daring escapades, which are carried out for altruistic motives – to rob the rich to pay the poor!

As latter-day Robin Hoods, the two ladies pull off some of the most daring robberies all over Europe, taking on not only the Mafia, but the elite and … the Establishment.

Their secret past is protected by MI5. Why? What have they done to deserve this?

Edward Evans has crafted an immensely humorous and fascinating read.

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12 responses to “Two Old Dears”

  1. Janet Ramont, Long Beach, California says:

    Thank you for writing such an entertaining book!
    And thank you for the assist with getting into the tight parking space.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed reading your book.
    I apologize for the delay in letting you know what I thought of your
    delightful tale. From a fellow writer.

  2. Wendy Squires says:

    I travel to work by train and decided I had had enough of reading the Metro everyday which was just filled with doom and gloom and instead took your book along for my rail journey to and from work. Well what a surprise having half an hour in the morning reading your book put me in such a lovely frame of mind that it set me up for the day and again on my travels home on a night another half hour of pleasure.

    It is a wonderfully vivid written book which transported me to the time, certainly got my imagination working I loved every page.

    I will be looking to source some of your previous titles and thank you for providing such a terrific book which has drawn me back into reading as I had forgotten what a well written book can do for your wellbeing.

    Kindest regards and an author I will definitely be following.

  3. Jacqueline Proctor says:

    Hi Edward
    I bought your book from you at Haworth on 28/12/2015 at the car park I said I would let you know how I enjoyed it, one word FANTASTIC what a great read very well written the story the plots all brilliant, many thanks for a great read.

    Jacqueline Proctor

  4. Roger Walton says:

    Dear Edward

    I have just completed reading Two Old Dears which I bought from you at the steam punk event in Haworth. I’ve enjoyed it very much indeed, finding it hard to put down!


  5. Les Hannah, says:

    Hi Mr Evans. I bought your book from you at the car park in Haworth on 3rd May and got free parking included. We had a lovely day in Haworth and have subsequently thoroughly enjoyed the book.It was very funny, if highly unlikely, but a great yarn. Also thank you for signing the book for me. I’ ll value it very much.

  6. Amanda Park says:

    Good Evening, Mr Evans

    I’ve just finished reading your book ‘Two Old Dears’ which my husband and I bought from you last Monday (21st) in your car park in Haworth. I found the book very readable and entertaining. The format of a story within a story reminded me of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and I wondered if this had been your inspiration. I note that the format has already been remarked upon by someone else in relation to your previous novel ‘Like a Fish Out of Water’ (which I haven’t read). The way the book was set out made me think that the episodes related by the two sisters were based on actual events. I felt that I was reading a series of anecdotes. This was fine as they followed the course of the sisters’ lives so there was some structure to the tales. The exploits of the two ladies were humorous but there was a darker side too. The deeds of prominent members of the British Establishment with Nazi sympathies were chilling, and the connection with the Bahamas disturbing! You mention in your acknowledgements that the two ladies are based on real people – are you able to say any more about them?

    Good luck with your writing. I feel that you have things to say and that putting them in a novel is the best way to do that.

  7. Jacqueline Proctor says:

    Hi Edward,

    I bought your book from you at Haworth on 28/12/2015 at the car park I said I would let you know how I enjoyed it, one word FANTASTIC what a great read very well written the story the plots all brilliant, many thanks for a great read.

    Jacqueline Proctor

  8. Rosa says:

    Hi Edward!
    I am the girl with the blue hat and we met at the car park in Haworth last summer where I bought your book.
    You might remember I am from Germany so first of all I can honestly say I learned quite a lot of English words while reading and additionally it was really interesting for me as some parts include Germany history out of your perspective. I really enjoyed the way you wrote and developed the story!
    To sum up I am happy we met you at the car park and this book will get a special place in my bookshelf!

  9. Sue Page says:

    I have Just read TWO OLD DEARS………..A CRACKING READ!

  10. I bought this (signed copy) from a bloke in a car park. Think that sounds dodgy? Wait until you read what the two ladies get up to, lol.

    So, the chap was the author, and the car park was outside the Bronte parsonage (where I was paying homage to my favourite author of all time).
    Enough of that; more about this marvellous book…

    So, who on earth would suspect two old dears of holding up a bank? Well, not many.
    As the journalist interviews these two doddery women, he reveals a very shady past. Turns out they have had very lively…err…lives.

    I don’t want to give too much away, as it’s too much fun discovering each story as it unfolds. But let’s just say there’s been intrigues…liaisons…shenanigans.

    This truly is a delightful tale, which follows a sort of farce set up, and I mean that in the best possible sense. Mostly set in wartime, these good time girls are a hoot! The way in which it is told is rather fun too. These two splendid ladies reminisce about times gone by in a slightly unusual fashion.

    Want to read a book where you feel you’re living the life of the rich? Be inspired by empowered women? Or just have a bit of a laugh? Well, pick up this one. It’ll bring a smile to your face and warm the cockles of your heart.
    (but maybe read the Kindle version; the paperback it quite sizeable to hold)

    Witty and entertaining.

  11. Dawn Ibbetson says:

    Dear Mr Evans,
    A couple of months ago I met you in the car park at Haworth where you sold me your new book, Two Old Dears. I was at first a little sceptical and did not know what to expect, however I was unable to put the book down. I tittered and giggled my way through it, it was great.
    Thank you

  12. Andy McColm says:


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