Like a Fish out of Water

Like a Fish out of Water by Edward Evans

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When newspaper reporter Clive White is asked to interview a well-heeled eighty-something lady about her life history, he is expecting the usual run-of-the-mill tale of marriage and children with perhaps a bit of charity work on the side. The indomitable and spirited Alexandra Fraser, however, turns out to be a completely different kettle of fish, and she slowly reveals a dramatic and diverse life encompassing sporting achievement on the cricket field and courageous service in the WAAF as well as a passionate wartime romance. But there’s something even more remarkable about her story – for Alexandra was brought up as Alexander…as a boy!

Taking us from the dorms and corridors of an English public school to the dreaming spires of Oxford and on to the ravaged landscapes of Nazi-occupied France, this sweeping yet richly detailed epic is a remarkable tribute to the human spirit and a sometimes startling examination of how gender shapes our lives. A beautiful, brave and rewarding book.

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ISBN 978-0-9565148-3-7



ISBN 978-0-9565148-2-0


37 responses to “Like a Fish out of Water”

  1. Linda Hunt says:

    Do not know if you will remember me, we met at Rockingham castle. I bought your book, you dedicated it ‘for reading in the rain’. Just finished it and how good it was. First book I have read in a long time, can’t wait to get the next one.

  2. John Conquest says:

    A very controversial subject to write about but very enjoyable. Like the other 2 books I have read ” 11PY” and “For the Right Reasons ” they are the type of books that you can pick up and put down whenever you want. Ideal holiday reading. Well done Ted. Looking forward to the next one(s).

  3. Louise Henderson says:

    I want to congratulate you on your book ‘Like a fish out of water’. My daughter bought your book from you for me at Haworth Car Park. A spontaneous gesture by her, but one I was soon to realize would provide me with hours of reading pleasure. I was hooked from the beginning (excuse the pun). I couldn’t put your book down. I found it a mature read, with a strong storyline and your ‘title’ became much clearer throughout the course of the book. The lead character Alexandra faced an overwhelming triumph over adversity; she appeared to be a remarkable boy and a woman. Her story really touched the heartstrings, I cried and laughed and smiled on occasions when reading it. What I did enjoy about your book is that each time I turned a page I was taken in a direction that I couldn’t predict and this made the story more intriguing for me. I was gripped, trying to guess what would happen next and often failing to as the story unfolded. As I read I wanted more story lines to develop, for example her father’s side of the story. Perhaps in a sequel to this book I could read this. I will certainly look out for this and your books in the future. Thank you again (I have already thanked my daughter many times) for your book. You have a great literary talent. If your book were to be made into a film I would certainly watch it!

  4. Sheila Murray says:

    Hi Ted “Like a Fish out of Water” was such a book that once started, I could not put it down. I look forward to seeing it made into a movie one day. I can’t wait for your next book! Keep up the great work.

  5. vermersch says:

    A peine avais-je commencé la lecture de “Like a fish out of water” que déjà, je ne pouvais plus refermer le livre!Alexandra Fraser est un personnage tellement fascinant et attachant! A travers son récit, j’ai voyagé dans le temps, découvert certaines facettes de la guerre et aussi du cricket… J’ai ri, j’ai pleuré et j’ai admiré le courage de cette héroïne qui nous fait oublier le véritable sexe de sa naissance.
    Ce roman passionnant, d’un genre très différent de “II Pie wy” m’a offert un merveilleux moment de lecture… Merci et vivement “The piano” !

  6. Vermersch Nathalie says:

    “Like a fish out of water” is a novel wich captivates from the first lines !
    Alexandra’s Fraser life is completely exceptional and surprising. I learnt many things about cricket, about the war too… I laughed, I cried, but especially I loved this book !
    Thank you very much Edward Evans, and the “fan” whom I am looks forward to “The Piano” !

  7. Katrina Sked says:

    Met you in the car park in Haworth, this book was fantastic can’t wait until i can get another one of your books.

  8. Linda Paice says:

    I found this book a very good read. Maby a bit too much cricket but still i enjoyed it. I bought the book from you in a car park in Haworth in April when on holiday, it was nothing like Martina Cole whome I read.

  9. Tineke Luyt - Sassenheim says:

    What a great story!! Intriquing right from the beginning and I really couldn’t stop reading. Was very anxious to learn more about this Alexander/Alexandra and loved every chapter of the book. English is not my mother tongue, but your use of the English language makes the reading very, very pleasant.
    I’m sure the story would make a marvellous film!

  10. Anthony Eden says:

    After II PY, I was looking forward to the next book. i was not disappointed, it was brilliant. How the story unfolds is very well done and takes you to the edge of tears in your eyes because of the raw brutality at the start and then turns into passion and bravery. i have now got the next books, The Piano and For the Right Reasons. i am lucky enough to have met Edward Evans several times at Haworth so all the books have been signed. Looking forward to reading The Piano next.

  11. Dana says:

    Couldn’t put your book down! Then my Mother read it and said the same thing. She suggested you send it to a producer because it would make a GREAT movie! Let us know when you do! Thanks again, on to “The Piano” now…

  12. Christine Burgess says:

    I bought your book on the car park in Haworth,I read it in just a few days. Very good read, and a very hard subject to write about too! bullying still exists unfortunately. The protagonist though went on to lead a fantastic life full of adventure and excitement. My father was in the RAF so it was interesting too.

  13. Val and Rob Atkinson says:

    Met you at Haworth a couple of weeks ago and bought Like A Fish Out of Water. What a good read! I have downloaded For The Right Reasons and The Piano onto my kindle now and can’t wait to start on them. Been recommending your books to all my friends.

  14. Christina Green says:

    I have read the book “Like a fish out of water” I am touched by the abscured gender which shows a remarkable twist of how it can shape our lives. A long journey to several stages of her life. Well deserved achivements, inespected wartime and passionate romance. A story which takes you through touching moments and yet a pleasure to read. Cristina Peixeiro Green.

  15. Judith Davis says:

    Having bought the book on Haworth car park, I was not expecting much! What a pleasant surprise, a great story well told ! Couldn’t put it down. Thank you.

  16. Linda Meskimmon says:

    Brilliant book took me completely into the period, felt as though I knew the character personally.

  17. Pamela Vinnicombe says:

    Absolutely fantastic read – I couldn’t put it down, and was sure the story was real; I was sorry when I came to the end, and can’t wait to read some of your other books. You have a real gift of making the reader believe your every word.

  18. Bridget Gill says:

    I would like to thank you for a really good read. I have had a hectic few months as we had a bereavement in the family and my depression decided to surface again after being well for a few years! Usually I am unable to concentrate on reading when I have depression, but it shows how good your book was as I could concentrate and enjoy it, so thank you! I am looking forward to reading another of your books. P.S We bought your book when we were visiting Haworth in February, it was freezing and you were selling them in the car park. Bridget.

  19. Steve Rhodes says:

    Hi Edward Just wanted to let you how much I have enjoyed reading ‘A Fish Out of Water’. Bought it off you in the car park at Haworth on one of the Victorian days before Xmas. Didn’t know you or your work but the idea of a story which covered the time of my mother appealed. Nothing like I expected of course but what a great story. Not sure where the idea came from but very inspirational Well done Steve.

  20. Janine Lever says:

    It was lovely meeting you at Haworth on Sunday 7th April, when we bought fish out of water. Thankyou for some of the tips you gave me re my books, i forgot to ask you, did you use your real name, or is better to choose a name that ‘flows’ like Edward Evans, double E sound. Thankyou love and peace Janine Lever.

  21. Laurence Maddrell says:

    I recently purchased your book II PY from you in the car park in Haworth. I haven`t finished yet but it is a really good yarn, I will endeavour to read more of your excellent stories. Best regards, Laurence Maddrell

  22. Stuart Haywood says:

    I was gripped from the onset. I honestly could not put it down. Suffice to say I have struggled to get up in the morning after reading well into the night. It is so compelling. Just her schooldays would make an excellent film. The reading floats along with ease, the story line is superb and gripping with its portrayal of cruelty,inner strength and how lives can be ruined by trying too hard to be wanted by others. I am an avid reader, but have never come across a book which consumes me as this one. Edward is on of those rare authors who can almost ‘get inside the readers head’. I could feel the pain and suffering this poor child was going through. 5 out of 5 seems far inadequate for ‘Fish out of Water.’

  23. LOUISE JACKSON says:


  24. Olwyn Claydon says:

    Brilliant! I couldn’t put it down!

    I bought your book ‘ Like a Fish out of Water’ from you on Haworth car park on Easter Sunday. I’ve read the book and it was brilliant! I really enjoyed it. I would like to buy more of your books. Are you always at the car park or only on certain days? You asked me to sign myself ‘the Wheeler Dealer’ if I sent you a message! Our son and family were in their car and I said I would buy a book if both our cars could be parked in exchange!

  25. Susan Fletcher says:

    Mr Evans, it was lovely to meet you today on our first family day trip to Haworth. I was just wanting to make contact. I, unfortunately don’t seem to have much spare time to read books and so will endeavour to read your book soon and let you know my thoughts. Kind regards Susan

  26. Frances Boyle says:

    From the opening sentence it continues to grip me….intriguing!

    We met on Remembrance Sunday in the car park, the Irish woman on her first visit to Haworth. Thank you for a wonderful book which continues to grip me. I do hope you will visit Ireland soon. Best Wishes, Frances

  27. Robert Rhys says:

    Dear Mr Evans You may recall selling me a copy of the above mentioned book when I visit Howarth with my family on 17th July. You were very helpful with my daughter who was endeavouring to put the correct change into the car park meter. You asked me to contact you once I had read your book. It has been a good read and quite a fascinating story. You mentioned that there was a twist towards the end of the tale, and I see that you alluded to the two suicides. I think it is a pity that the book was not properly proof read for there were unfortunately no end of errors in this regard. With that said the same does not take anything away from the momentum of your work. I hope you are selling many more copies. Yours sincerely, Robert Rhys

  28. Hazel Bradbury says:

    We know very little about people close to us and their private agonies. Knowing friends who have suffered from similar identity problems I can say that this book is a thoroughly good read!. Thank you.

  29. Jean Bull says:

    I found this a fantastic read, how did you know all the intimate details? It was as though I was a part of the scenario, couldn’t put it down just wanted it to go on and on. Also bought, Come on Grandad. This reduced me to tears a wonderful story, could almost feel it was my wonderful Grandad reading to me. Bought these two books on the car park in Haworth at the 1940’s week-end. Avery good buy. I wish you all the best with future works. Kind regards Jean

  30. Helen Haworth says:

    Hello Edward. Not sure if you remember, we purchased your book from the Car Park in Haworth, near the Bronte Weaving Shed, you wrote “To the Australian Mob”. I have read the book and couldn’t put it down. It was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a reader it felt like I was sitting there doing the interview. Will purchase your other books as I am sure they are a great read. All the best Helen

  31. Linda Meskimmon says:

    I met Mr evans in the car park at Haworth and bought Like a fish out of water, I could not put the book down wanting to know what was going to happen next, I am an avid reader and must say the Edward Evans book’s are among the very best I have read, I let a friend of mine borrow the book who is by his own admission a very slow reader but he finished the book within three day’s. We both agree that the character’s are so real they just draw you into the story, I can’t wait to read all of your novel’s long may you write.

  32. Karen McBryde says:

    Hi Edward I promised I’d email when I had read II PY & I’ve just finished it! A really good, easy book to read & thoroughly enjoyable – thank you. Just read on Amazon you do actually own II PY, how wonderful! Kind regards Karen ‘The Welsh Geordie in Howarth car park 15th August!’

  33. Arianwen Jackson-Verschaeve says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book! It was really well written and was an absorbing and unusual plot. I couldn’t put it down!

  34. Mrs M Thorpe says:

    From Review in Bradford Telegraph__SIR – I have just finished reading Like A Fish Out Of Water, written by a local man Edward Evans.__I could not put the book down. It is a large book with a story to match.__At the beginning, I was startled by the brutal way the main character was treated, but as the story progressed, I was so enthralled, I didn’t realise it was 2.30am!__This book is a real page-turner and I am eagerly awaiting his next book to see what delights he has penned for his readers.__Perhaps your readers would like to check this book out, as it is good.__

  35. Sarah Stokes says:

    I met you today in the car park (Sarah, Black Kia people carrier with Leeds United stickers) in Haworth where I bought two of your books and you kindly gave me the third as it was one of the ones which hadn\’t been proof read etc._ _I have just started reading Like a Fish Out of Water and, as I said I would let you know what I thought of the book, I wanted to tell you straight away how much I am already enjoying reading it. I have four sons and therefore don\’t have as much time as I would like to read but I have read the first two chapters and right from the very beginning I knew it was a book I was going to enjoy and not want to put down. I was hooked and intrigued from the very start and shall be reading at every opportunity I get._ _How glad I am now that my husband, Kevin, and I decided to make the short trip (from Halifax) to Haworth today. Thank you and I will indeed give you more feedback on the rest of this book and the others as I read them.

  36. Stephen Horrigan says:

    Hello Edward I met you at the car park in Haworth and fell for your sales patter and bought the book not least of all because some of the proceeds were going to the RAF Benevolent Fund and because I am an avid reader. You invited me to contact you with my thoughts good or bad,this was very refreshing. The book became my first holiday read this year. When I started the book my initial feelings were that I won\’t like this story. How wrong was I !!! The story is beautifully crafted and written, the characters are plausible and you really feel the pain of the principal character and believe the strength of the character to deal with all that life throws at her. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have recommended it to my family and friends and have purchased your other books and hope I will enjoy them as much.

  37. Mary Smith says:

    Dear Mr Evans,
    We purchased your book in Haworth last week. My husband is the Aussie!
    I have just finished the book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It has been very difficult to get on with any jobs as I have constantly been unable to put it down. It brings out all emotions. Thank you and I’m glad we came to Haworth last week.!
    Kind regards,
    Mary Smith

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