The Piano

The Piano by Edward Evans

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The indefatigable newsman Clive White – who will already be familiar to readers of the II PY and A Fish out of Water – has gone to cover an unusual protest at a large London hospital. Unusual because for once it’s not about waiting times or mixed-sex wards but a beautiful old piano that stands in the entrance hall. Originally the gift of no less than 30s idol Noël Coward, the piano is now to go to auction to raise funds for the cash-strapped hospital.

One by the one the protesters reveal what the piano means to them, and heartfelt tales fall from their lips like old-time melodies from its ebony-and-ivory keys. One ? a former sister ? recalls her traumatic affair with the heartless heartthrob Lemon-e, while an Eastender tells how he rescued his shell-shocked sister from an asylum during the Blitz. Yet another protester relates the gripping escape of a German Jewish piano tuner from Hitler’s Berlin…

From the devastation of war to the criminal underworld of post-war London, the tales reveal the secret memories – both the treasured moments of happiness and the long-buried griefs ? that the lovely instrument holds…


ISBN 978-0-9565148-5-1 



ISBN 978-0-9571252-0-9


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