Book Reviewed:

I bought this book from you on Sunday in the car park. Words can not describe how amazing this book is. I was hooked as soon as I got in my car and haven’t put it down since.

As I mum I’ve struggled to fit time in to read my books and therefore forgot how much I enjoy absorbing myself in them. After reading this book I feel I have got my hobby back and found my love for my books again. Thank you for sharing this novel with me.

I hope you have more books like this as I’d love to read them. Keep writing!

Abigail Jones

Book Reviewed: For the Right Reasons

Take your dictionary. Look up the meaning of “BLISS:” A state of complete happiness e.g. reading For the Right Reasons, while sipping a lovely cup of Yorkshire Tea!

Andrée Terlizzi

Book Reviewed: Come on Granddad

I bought your book whilst at the car park in Howarth and I want to say it is one of the most emotional, touching, loveliest books I have ever read. I read it it one evening! I couldnt put it down.

Thankyou for writing such a lovely book and I believe you have wrote some more? Please could I have information on how i could order them.

Tracey Crossley

Book Reviewed: Two Old Dears

I must commend you on the above book. Once I started to read it was very hard to put down!  The “antics” of the two sisters was a hoot and one did wonder what they would tackle next! The story was nicely interwoven with fun, intrigue and sexual exploits one didn’t expect from older ladies!!! Finally it was good that nearly every mission’s haul was returned in one way or another.

Jean Paisley

Book Reviewed: For the Right Reasons

A really good read. The author obviously knows his subject well. Exciting and extremely interesting. I am looking foward to reading Mr. Evans’ next book.

Margaret Waterhouse

Book Reviewed: II PY

I met Mr Evans in a very chance meeting in a car park in Haworth and decided to buy his book, I don’t now why as I have never read a book from cover to cover in my life. I am so happy I did I started reading it at 5pm on Thursday and finished it at 11pm on Friday, i couldn’t put it down. I usually find it very hard to concentrate when reading but this book had my imagination running wild. It has sparked an interest in books I never knew I had and can’t wait to read another one of your books.

James Reed

Book Reviewed: II PY

I know one should not judge books as films, but IIPY by Edward Evans, seems an obvious candidate. It’s got luxury cars, locations in the United States and Europe, rich men, journalists, law enforcement officers, criminals and murder. And the story moves along at the kind of pace that always kept me gripped as a child when I listened to the latest Paul Temple thriller on the wireless.

Jim Greenhalf, Telegraph & Argus

Book Reviewed: Like a Fish Out of Water

This is one of the best books I have ever read,for the first few pages I thought, this is to far fetched to be true to life! but before I had read the first 100 pages I was hooked and it was like reading an Autobiography. As a lover of both cricket & war stories, this was just up my street, and most nights I fell asleep with the book in my hands as I just didnt want to put it down.To get a signed copy from Mr Evans own hands made this book extra special & one I shall never part with.

E. G. Osborne

Book Reviewed: Like a Fish Out of Water

I found the book to be compelling reading from the start. The story is so interesting and your presentaton of it is so different to anything I have read before. Well done, I wish you the success you deserve.

Jill Buchanan, Newspaper Journalist

Book Reviewed: Like a Fish Out of Water

What initially struck me about the work was the success of the vehicle you have employed through which to tell Alexandra’s story. It reminded me a little of Lockwood and Nellie Dean in Wuthering Height’s and, as this is no small accolade, I feel sure that other devotees of literature will be enamoured of the model, as I was.

John Heaton, Literary Consultant