Murder on the Worth Valley Railway

Clive White the Mail’s intrepid reporter investigates a cold crime of some five years earlier – the murder of Peter Dill, a high profile local councillor, who was both Chairman of the powerful Watch and Planning Committee.

Clive arrives in Haworth, a village gripped in fear and where only a handful of locals would dare to speak to him. It is through them that he discovers that Peter Dill controlled the village in the manner of a Mafia boss.

Blackmail, beatings, disappearances and even suspected murder were the means that Dill used to successfully gain the upper hand. Even corrupt members of the Police Force were engaged to do Dill’s dirty work and enforce his interpretation of the law. Several honest cops were either set up or forced into early retirement, one being falsely gaoled for drug offences, only to suffer the consequences of being a uniformed officer condemned to a prison environment.

Determined to uncover the facts, Clive finds himself in hospital following a vicious beating. Who is trying to silence him? Is it police or the villagers? Undeterred, Clive is now on a mission to discover the truth.

Clive updates his Editor on the situation, who immediately informs May Whitty, the Home Secretary of the alleged police corruption and where exposure of the wrongdoings would name and shame many senior people in the Government Armed Forces as well as condemn the Establishment. The Home Secretary is obliged to involve MI5, whereupon all hell lets loose, resulting in unforeseen circumstances.

Info: 253 pages I 234 x 156mm







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