II-PY by Edward Evans

When wealthy businessman Robert Conway flies to New York to fulfil the dream of a lifetime – to buy a beautiful vintage Rolls-Royce – he little knows that he is bidding for more than he bargained for. Dream turns to nightmare as he discovers that the Rolls-Royce – the II PY of the title – is the confiscated property of a convicted drugs dealer, John Maitland, who will stop at nothing to get it back. As Conway and his family fall victim to a series of increasingly terrifying crimes, they gradually realize that there might be more to II PY than meets the eye.

Fast-paced and action-packed, II PY takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the landscapes of Britain and France, where the old- world charm of nostalgic rallies and vintage shows collides with a ruthless, audacious underworld of gangland bosses and small-time crooks. Part taut thriller, part homage to one of automobile history’s greatest cars, II PY will have you on the edge of your ivory leather seats!

Info: 302 pages | 234 x 156mm


ISBN 978-0-9565148-4-4



ISBN 978-1-84624-238-0


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  1. Mike Fenlon says:

    Mike Fenlon – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 04:55 PM
    I went to Yorkshire in April for along weekend.We visited Haworth on Good Friday and parked in the main car park and was approached by Ted Evans offering a special deal if i bought his book today the money would go to a local charity and i would get my parking free.
    When i got back home [Hayling island]i thought i would have a look at IIPY and i could’nt put it down.I thought the story line was very exciting.I finished reading today and wanted to congratulate Ted on a great read.

  2. John McGlynn says:

    John McGlynn F.I.M.I. – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 04:55 PM
    My wife Carol bought the book whilst at the Kelmarsh Rolls-Royce Rally and gave it to me at Christmas.
    Because I only have the patience to read whilst on holiday, I am currently at our home in Tenerife and enjoying the book immensley.

  3. L.A.Wildish says:

    L.A.Wildish – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 04:58 PM
    I have thoroughly enjoyed IIPY and am looking forward to reading Like A Fish Out Of Water

  4. Deaconess O. M Moorhouse says:

    Deaconess O. M Moorhouse – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 04:59 PM
    I found the book very readable and exciting However I found the continual and unnecessary use of the F word very offensive. For me it spolt a good read

  5. Ted D. Chan says:

    Ted D. Chan – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 05:00 PM
    I was in Haworth when I happened to meet Ted, and was immediately intrigued by his new book. After a quick chat, I promptly bought a copy, and began reading after we returning to London. It was my intention to only read the first page or two to get a flavour of Ted’s style, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Ted’s style, very easy to read. Honest and fast-paced, and even though I was weary from driving 650 miles over the weekend, I didn’t stop reading until I was well into the book.

  6. David Ruddiman says:

    David Ruddiman – Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 08:16 AM
    Thank you for a great story, the action does not stop. I am the man who bought the book in the car park yesterday, (with the silver mercedes)I have not been able to put the book down, it is a real page turner, I did say I read a lot of books, this is as good as most that I have read over the last few months. I am looking forward to reading your other 2 books in the near future. Regards David

  7. Anthony Eden says:

    Anthony Eden – Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 06:30 PM
    This is the first book by Edwared Evans that i have read. i found it very good and very hard to put down. I was very lucky to see the actual car when I was in Haworth, the book was bought because I was curious – well worth it.

  8. Alan Evans says:

    Alan Evans – Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 02:14 PM
    Loved it. Got out of the habit of reading, you’ve got me back into it. Also bought it on a chance meeting, probably in the same car park. Just back from a holiday in Scottish Borders. Read it in 3 days. Couldn’t put it down.

  9. B. Roberts says:

    B. Roberts – Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 04:23 PM
    II PY is a very entertaining read. Complex plots unfold making you want to read on. The gritty Yorkshire family are very believable anf the authenticity of the Yorkshire settings apply to the whole plot,Anyone who has travelled to France will be familiar with the locations mentioned. In summary this fast pacy novel is as good ad any others I have read.

  10. Niel Gorman says:

    Niel Gorman – Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 04:36 PM
    I purchased this book from yourself at the car it did take a time for me to pick up as I must admit I have succumbed to modern technology and have been reading from a Kindle. Picking up a real book again felt strange but the writing about believable characters soon had me feeling right at home enjoying not just holding a real book again but enjoying a fantastic read. The writing had my imagination

  11. Audrey Walgraef says:

    Audrey Walgraef – Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 04:39 PM
    Your book II PY, many of my friends read it and appreciate it! ! Thank you very much.

  12. Laurence Maddrell says:

    Laurence Maddrell – Monday, June 24, 2013 at 01:03 PM
    I recently purchased your book II PY from you in the car park in Haworth. I haven`t finished yet but it is a really good yarn, I will endeavour to read more of your excellent stories. Best regards, Laurence Maddrell

  13. Allan Morrison says:

    Allan Morrison – Monday, August 4, 2014 at 03:23 PM
    We’ve all read newspaper stories about ordinary people who, through naivety, foolishness, ignorance or bad luck, have been caught up and dragged down by a conspiracy of circumstances beyond their understanding and control: this novel II PY is just such a story of how a family dream of owning a beautiful motor car turns into a spiralling nightmare. It’s just the story for an easy read on a train or plane journey, on the beach, or in bed…if you can cope with bad dreams.

  14. Roy Barraclough says:

    Roy Barraclough – Monday, August 4, 2014 at 03:30 PM
    I have just finished reading 11PY which I thoroughly enjoyed. I bought the book from you in your Haworth car park and was pleased to support under privileged children. Is there likely to be a reprint of the book and if so are you interested in me forwarding you a few typos I noticed as I read your fascinating story.

  15. David Brown says:

    David Brown – Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 03:38 AM
    I have never before bought a book from a guy on a car park but it seemsI am not on my own with this one as most of the comments point this out._I ( possibly like most others) thought this was just a con to sell books but for the sake of getting free car parking ( and as it turned out later free directions to the Turkey Inn In Goose eye for my very first pint of their bitter) but once I had started to read the book it was difficult to put down seemed like the adventures just kept coming and when you thought it was all over some other disaster pops up. It was a very good read I will certainly read another of Edwards books if I find myself on my way to Goose eye in the future._Thank you Edward for autographing my book.

  16. Andrew says:

    Andrew (coach driver) – Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 04:13 PM
    Great book, II PY took me three days to read!

  17. Olwyn says:

    Olwyn – Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 06:55 PM
    Lovely to see you again yesterday at Haworth. Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve already read II PY and really enjoyed it! I sat out in the sun when we got home and read most of it then finished it later!

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