Doctor John

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The short cut taken by dozens of motor cyclists during the rush hour each day turns into a nightmare for a young woman as she is spotted by assassins committing a heinous crime. She is pursued, beaten and dragged into a building adjacent to the apartment of a local GP, who witnesses this bitter attack on her but is unable to help at that moment.

The doctor rescues the woman in the nick of time just as the building suffers a deadly arson attack and when further attempts are made on her life, he is the only one able to help. Why do they want this woman dead? Has she seen too much?

The GP enlists the help of his friend and patient, who is none other than Clive White the investigative reporter of the Daily Mail. What follows puts the lives of the young woman and the doctor in continuous jeopardy. Little does anyone realise the lengths that would be taken to murder all three. Unwittingly, they soon become immersed in the murky world of drug smuggling and gangland murders which would follow them all over England and France. There appears to be no escape. Finally, they uncover the possibility of one of the largest shipments of cocaine ever to be imported into the UK and which would involve the most secretive of operations to be carried out by Her Majesty’s Forces.

Info: 262 pages I 234 x 156mm




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