Dutch in Special Tribute to Allied Airmen Killed during Dogfight

Bristol Beaufighter, as flown by Flying Officer Noel Evans

The sacrifice of British airmen who died when their World War Two fighter bombers were shot down in Holland, has been honoured.

Ted Evans, left with hat, at the service And among the group at the grave of Flying Officer Noel Evans was his son, Ted, of Haworth, a former magistrate on the Keighley Bench.

Ted Evans, left with hat, at the service

Ted Evans, left with hat, at the service

His father was reported missing in January 1945 and later confirmation of his death was received by his wife, Alice.

Flying Officer Evans, a navigator, and his pilot died when their aircraft crashed with another Beaufighter when in action against the Germans.

All four men – two in each aircraft – were killed and interred in the cemetery at Wieringerwaard in Holland.

A fifth British airman, who died in the area, is also buried in the cemetery.

When Mr Evans’s mother died in 2003, aged 93, her ashes were buried with her husband.

He first visited the cemetery with his mother in 1948 where they made friendships which have lasted ever since.

Earlier this month, Mr Evans, known as Edward in Holland, and his wife Lilian were invited to the Dutch National Day of Remembrance to honour the men and woman who had perished fighting the Nazis.

“I was astonished – there were more than 300 people at the cemetery all waiting for us and then standing by my parents’ grave,” said Mr Evans, an author, who is raising money for the RAF Benevolent Fund through the royalties of his book Like a Fish Out of Water.

Following the playing of the Last Post, the village Burgermeister then placed a wreath on the headstones and a girl placed flowers in honour of his mother.

“I didn’t see much after that as the tears ran down my face,” said Mr Evans.

Also by Edward Evans